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Conte complaining number of foreign players in Serie A


Demands for achievement instantly make Seria A clubs vying to bring in quality players from outside Italy. This makes the local Italian talent rarely get a chance to appear.

It then complained of by the Italian national team coach, Antonio Conte. Ex allenatore Juventus, admits the difficulty of choosing players who are competitive because of the limited options available.

"My concern ahead of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers are a few things (the number of foreign players) has changed since 2006, when Marcello Lippi won the World Cup," said Conte told Football Italia.

Conte provide data that currently he only had a choice of as many as 33 players from the Italian original 100 players who played in Seria A. This limited options would make it difficult to form a competitive team.

"In the past (2006) Italian coach has the possibility to select 61-62 players Italy of 100 players. Today the choice has been reduced to 33 players Italy of 100," he continued.

"This is a real problem and the greatest danger facing Italy at the moment. It will be difficult for Italy to be competitive if we could only choose 33 percent of the players available." Conte added.

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