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KPU Do Bimtek discussion PKPU No 7 2015


In doing various stages of implementation of regional head election (elections) Meranti Islands District December 9, the General Election Commission (KPU) Meranti Islands District implement both internal preparation at the Commission as well as coordination with relevant agencies as well as with local government.

In order to comply with the rules that have been defined in conducting the elections, in accordance with the Regulation of the General Election Commission (PKPU) number 07 in 2015 on the local elections, the governor and deputy governor, regent and deputy regent as well as the election of mayor and deputy mayor of the Commission Meraranti implement Bmbingan technical (Bimtek) Discussion PKPU n0 07 2015.

Bimtek implementation KPU Meranti Islands on Thursday (08.13.2015) at balroom grand hotel meranti kartini way Selatpanjangm besides attended members and the chairman of the Commission also attended by invitation.


In the discussion Bimtek PKPU 07, 2015, the Commission discusses the groove coordination and agreement undertaken jointly KPU Campaign Team and local government and related institutions.

In the discussion of the PKPU Bintek, KPU Meranti Islands undertake the design tool praga banners and campaign materials, campaign materials baligo and partner candidates, debates campaigns through print, electronic and other activities such as the news media.

Furthermore, the Commission Meranti Islands in Bimtek also discussed mechanisms to coordinate and deal flow of what needs to be done KPU Meranti Islands together with local government and all other stakeholders in the Meranti Islands.

KPU chairman Meranti Islands Yusli SE said, he was very berharab candidate regent really take advantage of the campaign time to acquaint themselves with the community Meranti Islands. With the vision and mission of the program, the people will know the candidate if elected later period 2015-2020.

"The campaign is intended that the candidate introduced himself to island communities meranti, we will also continue to implement the elections in accordance with the rules and regulations, because the rules of the elections in 2015 that there has been a change," he explained.

In addition, he also talks about the making billboards or banners APK each pair of candidates, that is not justified each candidate to make the APK sendri, because the Commission sendri which will make it, or the number of manufacturing all it decides is the Commission, while funding for the creation of APK it is based on a grant from the budget.

"The entire campaign props each pair of candidates we are prepared, both the number of manufacturing all decide it is the Commission, to fund the manufacture of APK was based on a grant from the budget," he said Yusli.

Semantara the same place Assistants One local government Meranti Islands Arizal added, Civil Servants (PNS), which became a campaigner in the election or following the campaign will be penalized one sangksinya is, if an official involved in politics then the bridge would be dislodged in the regional work units (SKPD).

"Joining the campaign only a civil servant subject to strict sanctions, so for us the civil servants to be careful to take action, once done keselahan consequences will be fatal," said Arizal.

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