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Raja Ampat: The World's Most Beautiful Islands


Raja Ampat is the number one tourist spot in Eastern indonesia's West Papua Province that became the symbol of world famous tour. Raja Ampat is also a conservation area in the world for the cultivation of coral reef habitat of thousands of beautiful fish and many kinds of sea animals are already scarce, all on Raja Ampat. A Sea Ghost mystery stories being typical inland tourist icon that is still very awake, clean and store a million charm, natural beauty make the tourist area of Raja Ampat is where human dreams and visitors to be able to feel the sensation of natural tourism.

The region has an area of almost 4.6 million acres where the location is right next to the West the bird Heads West Papua. 92% of the territory of raja ampat Islands is sea waters that is land, the rest forming the many islands that is as much as 610 of the island. From 610 kepalauan Islands in the Raja Ampat, consists of 4 large islands such as Waigeo, Misool, Batanta and Salawati Island,, the rest scattered into small islands. From around the island's 610 umlah, 36 new islands in the Raja Ampat are inhabited land, the rest is still not populated by humans.

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